Build an Amazing Mind

Soaring Minds provides tailor-made workshops for the working professional that advance cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve productivity and quality of outcomes.

Unleash Limitless Potential

We offer tools and techniques to identify and enhance a person's learning potential.

Learn Focus Strategies

Productive leadership through addressing focus, social situations, mindset and creativity.

It is Never too Late for Hope

We offer clients of all ages advances in cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve their quality of outcomes in life.


1-on-1 Coaching

​1-on-1 Coaching to enhance mental dexterity and critical thinking through an Israeli method that teaches 28 cognitive functions.

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​​Advance cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve productivity and quality of outcomes through innovative methods

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Conference Speaker

​Dr. Zehr works internationally training groups on cognitive development.

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Soaring Minds Stories

Jon Lovett - Plant Manager, Fort Wayne Metals

Tim VanHouton - Asst. Plant Manager, Fort Wayne Metals

Researched Methods

Soaring Minds brings researched methods to develop talent, leadership, and creativity. Foundational to all our programs is the latest science on neuro-plasticity, the research on growth mindset, and an Israeli program for growing cognitive skills. Working closely with your management and human resources department, Soaring Minds will build what you need!


“It was great to meet you and to be mediated, enriched, and empowered under your care. Now the time for retrospection and recapping and organizing the tools and notes has begun. I will often think of you... hey, you made me think!!! Basic 2 Trainee”

- Anthia Terwogt, The Netherlands

“It's hard to adequately express my gratitude in words, for the incredible opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for the most inspiring, life changing week. I loved every single moment of your teaching. Thank you also for all the wonderful resources that you shared. ”

- Lauren Davis, South Africa

“I love that this program both raises and heightens awareness of what we do well, but more importantly, what challenges continual growth. I also love its applicability to all life areas-self, health, social relations, occupation, spiritual development-in pursuit of excellence.”

- Don Appiarius, University of St Francis, Fort Wayne, IN

“The Brain Boss Program was instrumental in helping us work as a team. It provided a greater understanding of our own personal development, leading to better ways we can care for our fellow team-member. This program was well worth the investment. ”

- Roger Reece, Executive Pastor of Associated Churches