Hire, Fire, or REWIRE?

June 27, 2018


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Do we hire a new person? Do we fire this one? How about rewire the one you already invested into greatly? Corporations spend a lot on training employees. What happens when it doesn't look like that hire is working out? Let them go and start over? To replace an employee (according to Gallup) is at least 20% of that employee's salary. Replacing someone in management costs even more, a lot more! BRAIN BOSS is a new development program tapping into the latest neurological and cognitive research to help companies KEEP their employees and avoid turnover or churn.

How does this work? Currently we offer one-to-one coaching in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. We have had great results working with Fort Wayne Metals. We can provide eight hours of coaching and you will see results! More efficient problem solvers, more mindful attention to task, less distraction!

Call Dr. Jeanne Zehr for more information. Booking clients in August!

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