Am I Losing it or What?

October 20, 2019


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Those us in the Baby Boomer generation are retiring at the clip of 10,000 per day. Many of us are choosing to stay in the work force because we are in leadership roles and let's face it - they still need us! We have a wealth of wisdom and energy and see no reason to throw in the towel. However - sometimes there are clouds of doubt that float through our mind, like "Am I getting forgetful?" "Why can't I remember the new guy's name?" "Is it time to get out?" "Maybe there's just too much stress for me to keep doing this everyday!" If those thoughts are in your head but you truly don't want to throw in the towel, then know there is hope! I will gladly provide you a confidential consultation to explain the neuroscience of aging and how you actually CAN hang in there. If you then want a personalized 8-12 hours of cognitive coaching, I can provide that too! Text me at 260-704-3336 and we can start the conversation.

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